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No, really.

Gwynn Whitelock
3 October
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BULLETIN: My friend pinkmellon has made me a gorgeous layout! Thank you! The original image used was from: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/downloads/wallpapers/valentines/wallpaper04.html



It's more updates.

I still go to Athabasca U and am busily working on my psych degree. Le whee!

Now World of Warcraft has consumed my soul. Be sure to look me up. ^^

I can be found under these assumed names:
On Skullcrusher (Alliance, PVP)
Member of the The Consortium
Kiayewsong - 60 NE Druid *main*
Gwynn - 24 HU Priest
Fumika - 32 GN Warlock
Ashariel - 16 NE Rogue
Rylacrestfal - 6 HU Mage

On Burning Legion (Horde, PVP)
Member of Guild Zerø
Shandelzare - 60 TR Mage *main*
Akashala - 17 TR Shaman
Garuka - 14 OR Hunter
Zarimuna - 24 TR Priest (I like trolls, ok?!)
Agnaya - 11 OR Warrior

On Dalaran (PVE)
Member of Sacred Knights
Aoirlinna - 36 DW Paladin
Antheria - 19 NE Priest
Rylai - 22 HU Mage (Mages are like crack! Spell casting crack!)

Still have that writing journal. Go me... the__ivorytower

Other than that I read Fantasy and Sci-Fi, I am most certainly insane and I have the best friends in the Multiverse.

Wow this bio gets shorter and shorter. *inserts random shit here*

"Bah, faith! Faith is for paladins, priests and engineers!" - Me.